Free of charge publication

Priests, pastors, theologian or specialized authors, among others, can become instant authors by publishing their writings for free. In order to meet this prerequisite, other services bearing high costs (proof-reading, formatting, color printing and hard-cover editions) are not provided. On the other hand, royalties, based on a minimum of sales, are offered to our authors. Under these conditions our authors also benefit from one complimentary electronic book copy.

Open content

As we support the diffusion of the Word of God and Christian’s values, we are one of the few publishing-houses that support the principle of „Open-Content“. Even though it is customary in the publishing sector that authors give away exclusive rights for the commercial exploitation of their works, we decided to do differently. Being dedicated to the spreading of knowledge via the old book medium, our authors grant us only non-exclusive commercial rights on their works. This guarantees that books we publish can always reach out to an ever-growing audience, should you someday decide to republish your work in another form or with another publisher.

Book production

Our work and production processes are highly standardized. We use the latest technologies in order to favor a quick and efficient publication of our author’s writings.

Far from the conventional publication and production, Blessed Hope Publishing make use of the print-to-order (PTO) technology, a further development of the print-on-demand (POD) technology. Books are permanently stored in a database. It can thus be printed at any time in the requested quantities and sold in high-quality by conventional or online retailers, in the USA, the UK, Germany and anywhere in the world. Besides, PTO enables us to be environment friendly.

Optimal publication

Our publications are rapidly set on the market, thanks to our technologies. After accepting their contracts online, our authors receive their personal accounts and they can submit their manuscripts online, design the book cover and subsequently finalize and authorize the publication of the book. The process is indeed very simple and fast.

Dedicated service

Assistance is provided to our authors during the whole production process, up to the completion of the project. Matthew Collins and his colleagues will be pleased to help you throughout those steps.