Meet our team!

Our specialists and managers

Dominik Berdin
(Chief Technology Officer)
Taoufiq El Hajji
(Business Development, Arabic countries)
Reezwan Ghanty
(Business Development, Asia & Africa)
Christian Lallemand
(Head of Software)
Marta Lusena
Dr. Wolfgang Philipp Müller
(Founder & CEO)
Charlotte Müller
(Business Development Manager)
Marie-Fee Müller
Sinthuja Mylvaganam
(Customer Service Supervisor)
Nawsheen Nehalkhan
(Channel Sales Developer)
Benoit Novel
(Chief Operating Officer)
Karen Novel
(Channel Sales Developer)
Aurora Jian
(Chief Learning Officer)
Marc Wegmann
(Chief Information Officer)
Liviu Oboroc
(Regional Manager Eastern Europe)
Andrei Gisca
(Manager, Chisinau)
Christina Muchi
(Manager, Chisinau)
Ina Puga
(Manager, Balti)
Ecaterina Gaina
(Manager, Balti)
Ieva Konstantinova
(Manager, Riga)
Reinis Ginters
(Manager, Riga)

Our editors

Balti (Moldova)

Olga Iriciuc
Ecaterina Procopciuc
Evghenia Tulbure

Chisinau (Moldova)

Eugenia Rosca


Marie Christine Zialor