Author Comments

“I had never heard of Blessed Hope Publishing, based in Germany, until I got an e-mail about two months ago asking me had I any material of a spiritual or theological nature that I would like to have published in book form. I was about to reply that I regretfully did not have material of that nature stashed away in some cupboard. Then I wondered could articles I have written for “The Connaught Telegraph” over the past twenty-two years by any stretch of the imagination qualify for their criterion. I e-mailed them four articles relating to Christmas and Easter. They replied that they were interested, asked for more, and in a matter of days a book cover was being designed, articles were being chosen and in less than two months I have a new book in each hand.

The book of articles from “The Connaught” and a number of other sources, with a couple of short stories thrown in, is titled: “Priest on The Periphery” with a subtitle: “Reflections on Faith.”The writing is a bit small for my liking, (Specsavers comes to mind) and one article is repeated by mistake, but I am pleased to have so many articles between the covers of a book. Much of what I have published already is in the Irish language, and even people with Irish ask me for something in English from time to time. Many of those who went to school in the days of the “séimhiú,” the dot above letters which represented the “h” find it difficult to read modern Irish. For that reason I am pleased that Blessed Hope have also decided to publish an English version of a book published by Cló Iar-Chonnacht in 2004, “Eaglais na gCatacómaí” about my life as a priest. Luckily enough I had been working on a translation a decade ago and it was still there in the computer.

“Catacomb Church” is the title, and I went a little tongue in cheek with the subtitle: “Portrait of The Artist as an Ageing Priest.” It is of course a reference to James Joyce’s “Portrait of The Artist as a young man.” A dramatic version of that book by Hugh Leonard was staged in Maynooth at a time I was working the lights in that College’s Aula Maxima. I know every word of the production by heart, from the opening “moocow going down the road” to the author’s famous rejection of Roman Catholicism: “I will not serve.” As one who has served at the altar for forty-six years, I felt entitled to raise at least one finger in salute. I have no quibble with Joyce’s life or life choice, and often hold him up as an example of Catholic education. What the Jesuits taught left him free to choose another way. However, those who stayed are entitled to their views and decisions too.

Anyone interested in getting their hands on those books can Google the titles, or “Blessed Hope Publications” “e-books” “” or other electronic ways and means that I have not begun to understand."

Pádraig Standún, author of the books: Priest on the Periphery & Catacomb Church

“I was almost giving up on my passion and affection for writing after suffering series of rejections of my manuscript until a very wonderful friend of mine introduced me to OmniScriptum and their imprint Blessed Hope Publishing. With the faintest hope and faith, I submitted my manuscript for review and evaluation. As a curious and inquisitive being that I am, I quickly embark on a quest to know and to scoop more info about the genuineness of their company—to hear what people say about them especially authors who have worked with them. After so much intense and thorough scrutiny of their activities and services I was fully convinced and fascinated with their mission statement, objectives, and vision that I can truly trust them and work with them. Without a literal agent, my manuscript was given maximum attention and consideration it requires and after two weeks of evaluation I received a positive YES to my manuscript and thus the journey to being an author became brighter and better each day.

Working with Blessed Hope Publishing and their awesome acquisition editor has been full of learning new things with their openness, uprightness, promptness through all the amazing process of publishing. I was given full access and free hands to make an enormous contribution through all the processes which to some extent it is rare with most publishing houses you find around. I really enjoy the ride it was full of interesting challenges, testimonies and success story!

Working on the title of the book “GRACE FOUND ME” has been awesome due to the personal encounters and experience of the grace of God upon my life and more so, on all mankind. The work and essence of grace were a recurring theme throughout the book. Everything about the book has been uniquely laid out through very inspiring and interesting collections in poetry format.
Indeed, Christ personified and exemplified a life of grace and while we were yet sinner he died for us. However, we are enjoined to grow in the grace of God and not to take the grace of God in vain for it is possible for a man to fall from grace. It was the work of grace obtained and bought with a priceless and precious price of the blood we were redeemed and reconciled back to God after the fall at the garden. Hence our life and existence are wrapped all about with the colourful swaddling cloth of grace.

Lastly, I want to thank friends, family, and acquaintances that made this project a daylight reality. Of course, they are too numerous to mention. I say a very big thank you!"

Gbenda Fayemiwo, author of the book: Grace found me