God is Still Speaking Today

Speak LORD here your servant hear

Masejo Songo - ISBN: 978-3-639-50964-9

The Gospel of Christ Year B

Spiritual guidance for the 21st. century 53 sermon suggestions John 4:35b Open your eyes and look at the fields!

David Gooday - ISBN: 978-620-2-47769-7

Understanding The Bible

Joseph Yeenu - ISBN: 978-613-7-82154-1

The Mighty Power Ever Known LOVE

The addition of faith revolutionizes the power

Alfred Cherubim - ISBN: 978-613-7-82134-3

METAMORPHOSIS (Changing faces)

An extremely captivating and thrilling novel

Onor Wildrop - ISBN: 978-620-2-47761-1

The Christian Youths

Problems and Solutions

Benjamin Ugwoke - ISBN: 978-613-7-82072-8

Some Formidable Gender Biblical Partnerships

The good,the bad,the evil and the in-between

Lisema Walter Ralitsoele - ISBN: 978-620-2-47746-8

What a Friend!

Are you a loving friend or an opportunist?

Isaac Obayemi - ISBN: 978-620-2-47797-0

Personhood and Communion

Walter R. Oxley - ISBN: 978-620-2-47798-7