Understanding call and purpose

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From Sect to Church

A Study in the Development of Methodism on the Oregon Frontier

Robert N. Peters - ISBN: 978-613-7-84495-3

The Nine Biblical Pillars of Greatness

Aligning Precepts, Purpose, Passion, Potentials, People, Planning, Platform, Productivity and Pagpapalio For Greatness

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Wisdom, Identity

At Move - ISBN: 978-613-7-84509-7

A Prolegomenon to Asian Christian Theology

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The Axioms of Jedediah

The Established Good

Ron Gooden - ISBN: 978-613-7-85136-4

Bible Study

Bible Study for today

Rhonda Noctor - ISBN: 978-613-7-84876-0

Are you fighting for dead thing?

If Baal is god,let him fight for himself

Peter Kimathi - ISBN: 978-613-7-85112-8

Christian Evangelism- Part 3

Evangelism for Today

Rhonda Noctor - ISBN: 978-613-7-84734-3

Christian Testimony

New Bible Study

Rhonda Noctor - ISBN: 978-613-7-84743-5