Christ's foundation and the modern christianity

Jesus the only hope of humanity and chrisitanity the only true way

Ojo Segun Michael - ISBN: 978-3-330-70294-3

Come and Drink

Enoch Adejare Adeboye - ISBN: 978-3-330-70291-2

Dialog Profetis dalam Konteks Dunia Sekular

Dialog Profetis

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A wise choice

The Great Encounter of a Malefactor

Olugbenga Seyi Hodonu - ISBN: 978-3-330-70290-5

Steps to Marriage

Safeguarding Our Relationships

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The way to follow your destiny

Oluwagbemiga Adeleke Adeosun - ISBN: 978-3-330-70260-8

Think the best and be the best

You cannot be better than your thought

S.O. Ebenezer - ISBN: 978-3-330-70279-0

The Abomination of Desolation

Spoken of by Daniel the prophet

Athanasius Iskander - ISBN: 978-3-330-70284-4

The Folly of Eschatology

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Leadership Development Through Discipleship among the “Orang Asli”

The role of Andragogy, Apologetics and Small Group Dynamics in Leadership Development

D Steven Abbarow - ISBN: 978-3-330-70285-1