In Defence

Imagination, Psychic or Spiritual? A biblical approach to the whole subject of weird goings on.

John Littlewood - ISBN: 978-3-330-70261-5

Walk in God's Garden

Bible Lights for Busy Lives

SJ, Francis Gonsalves - ISBN: 978-3-330-70256-1


The complete doctrine

Ron Gooden - ISBN: 978-3-330-70240-0

Catacomb Church

Portrait of the artist as an ageing priest

Pádraig Standún - ISBN: 978-3-330-70250-9

Saints and Sinners in Canadian Catholic Spirituality over 400 Years

Canadian Christian history

Terence J. Fay - ISBN: 978-3-330-70241-7

Sleeping Beauty Awakens

A Theological Response on How the Curse of Separation Can Be Removed from Christian Education

Howard Worsley - ISBN: 978-3-330-70249-3

Priest on the Periphery

Reflections on faith

Pádraig Standún - ISBN: 978-3-330-70245-5

The Other Side of Cancer: A Husband's Story

A Biography of Suffering placed in Sociological Context

Hendrik Jacobus Van der Merwe - ISBN: 978-3-330-70246-2

Church Growth and Membership Development in a Contemporary World

Relational Personal Teaching

Roger E. Shepherd - ISBN: 978-3-330-70226-4