African Church History from the 1st Century to the 21st Century AD

An Overview of Christianity in Africa

Joster Jumbe - ISBN: 978-3-330-70236-3

7 P'S;The way to handle greatness

Tips on what's next after you have discovered your greatness

Tarupiwa Muzah - ISBN: 978-3-330-70231-8

Mission in a Volatile Society

Reflections on Christian Churches in Caribbean Slave Societies

Noel Titus - ISBN: 978-3-330-70230-1

Towards an African Christian Premarital Counselling

Christian Premarital Counselling in Africa

Charlemagne Nditemeh - ISBN: 978-3-330-70205-9

The Holy Spirit and his truths

Understand the Holy Spirit

Zagabe Mango - ISBN: 978-3-330-70232-5

A Prophetic Vision to Earth's 21st Century

Walking through God's mind for the 21st Century

Samson S. Bull - ISBN: 978-3-330-70220-2

Grace found me!

The work of God manifested and perfected through Christ on the cross

Gbenga Fayemiwo - ISBN: 978-3-330-70212-7

Barangolások a Hozzá vezető úton

Tolle lege!

Gyula Antal Szluha - ISBN: 978-3-639-50990-8

The Christian's Faith under fire

Issue of Liberal Theology

Steven Ayule-Milenge - ISBN: 978-3-330-70225-7

The impact of Missionary work in the Anglican Diocese of Bukavu

Illusion or Reality

Steven Ayule-Milenge - ISBN: 978-3-330-70224-0