Dominion Mandate Apocalypse

Dominion Mandate Apocalypse

...understanding your personal jurisdiction in the kingdom = Dominion Mandate reality!!!

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2018-09-28 )

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This book you are about to read is not the normal conventional one you may have been familiar with.The subject of Mandate covers all sphere of life.Many are confused in life not really because they are poor but because they refused to find fulfillment in 'ALL" they have ever laid their hands upon!Life is a personal race, to loose track of your field in a race is to become disqualified. The is the exact situation of many, especially in Christianity today-the crave for materialism and temporary comfort has caused many their actual destiny, just like Esau; who sold his birthright to Jacob for a morsel of meal because of impatience and character.Many of the saints will be refused entrance at the gate of heaven on judgement day- not because of fornication or adultery or idolatry- but because they neglected the use of their mandate!We are all meant to be saviors in the generation each one belong-every redeemed has the responsibility to introduce others to the availability of SALVATION-through our individual mandate: this is when we can truly be saviors![Obadiah 21]. But thank God because this book will open your eyes to such realities you never thought existed in the faith.WELCOME!

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Oluyadi Dominion

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