The transforming power of failure: A launchpad to greatness

The transforming power of failure: A launchpad to greatness

Failure is not your end. It is a reminder that your best achievement is yet to come if you do not give up

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2018-10-05 )

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Greatness is an integral part of every person. It has to unfold. No one is born to be a failure. We become failures when we fail to use our talents or if we fail to rise after a failure. Greatness starts when we make effort towards developing our talents. Failure is a situation no one may wish to experience. When it happens, it is never a pleasant experience. Focusing on failure paralysis one from taking future action especially if the person is not courageous. Gold is never beautiful until it passes through purifying fire. Arrow never hit its target unless it experiences a drawback. The experience of failure instead of being a negative drawback is an assurance that we can do better. Each person is endowed with a talent from God. Every person’s talent passes through some developmental process in order to achieve greatness. In such periods there could be some failures before attaining greatness. Everyone is destined for greatness provided one goes through the process of developing his or her talent. You have yours. You can be great if you work smart and develop your God’s gift. Be not afraid when you fail. Rise up and remain focused.

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Gabriel Ikechukwu Onoyima

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