Scripture Reflections

Scripture Reflections

Sundays & Solemnities

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2018-09-28 )

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Scripture Reflections are points to ponder on the readings for masses on Sundays and solemnities. They are not homilies. They may help homilists in preparing homilies. For those who like to get a message, to carry on and apply the Word of God into daily living may have some tickle in these reflections. They may also help the faithful to have an advance reflection before they go for worship. If they like to have a second look at the scripture message after the liturgy and after listening to the day’s proclamation, they may have it in these reflections. These reflections were put into words, per one each week. Hence it took one year, a full liturgical cycle to complete this set, and more years and revising to edit and get it ready for publishing. There are no anecdotes or stories in these reflections, which may detract the mind from the message. Hence you may need to apply the mind to capture the message. All of them will not be equally exciting. Some may touch you and others may not. Each day’s message was the inspiration of that year. The next cycle I do not go back to it but look and pray and a different one crops up. Holy spirit is unstoppable!

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