Wonder Widow's Devotional

Wonder Widow's Devotional

Establishing widow's dignity globally!

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2018-04-11 )

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The world is yet to understand the purpose and potentials of widows.This devotional is first to help every widow discover her identity and develop the responsibility that march the office. The value of a product is in the understanding of its potentials.Every widow is ordain by God to be a trail blazer,path finder,earth shaker etc.But we all understand that the manual of every product must be well studied before the contents and usage can be well understood.Wonder Widow's Devotional was enacted by God so that widows in the 21st century and the church as well could live their life to the fullest,by maximizing the teachings,strategies,cautions,wisdom and mysteries!ATTENTION;All Widows-You need this devotional to Rule your World and make it to heaven!The author was ordained by God to bring you out of darkness into the light,by creating Wonder Widow's Devotional!I welcome you to the WONDER WIDOW'S WORLD in Jesus highest name! My apostolic mandate is covered by ACTS.6;1-7. Contact me;www.worldgreatestcharacter.org

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Dominion Oluyadi

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General Humanities