The Prophet of God

The Prophet of God

A Study Guide

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-10-25 )

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In the Old Testament, the prophet would guide the king, therefore the people, by speaking the will of God, and many times the will of God will include correction, judgment and warnings. Prophets were often ignored in the Old Testament, while even back in those days among the true prophets you found many speaking deceptions and lies. Today, nothing has changed, because God does not change (Hebrews 13:8). Prophets are still called to lead the corporate church by speaking and declaring the will, the purpose and the mandate of God. What the prophet utters may contain correction or judgment, or it may speak of encouragement, direction or wisdom. Prophets still speak to nations, or even to a multitude of nations, declaring the will of God not just unto the Church but unto secular leaders as to warn, to guide, to direct and to declare the heart and mind of God. Thus from the old to the new, nothing has changed in regard to the prophet. Yet the office is often misunderstood, and also shrouded in mystery, erroneous perceptions and terrible abuse.

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