Why God Made Obama President

Why God Made Obama President

It's reparation for the slave trade

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-10-31 )

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And after all the shilly-shallying on talks about talks, who would have thought Africa would be free from colonialism? Who would have thought we would see the day when America has a black President, Barack Obama? And yet a careful understanding of the Bible shows that we would not have doubted the coming of freedom day, had we known the mind of God. From the day dot, God’s blueprint for mankind is freedom from oppression. Over the years, after carefully studying Christ’s words “Loose him and let him go!” (gospel of John) there is inescapable conviction that Christ was in fact underlining God’s blueprint for all men – freedom from any yoke of bondage. Freedom from all oppression. God is therefore no debtor to any man. No black man on Judgement day will ever accuse God of injustice. God, as the great equaliser, has given a black man, Obama, to rule the most powerful nation on earth. The dramatic picture in Lazarus’ resurrection story is that of God’s sovereignty kissing man’s responsibility. It is man who is commanded to roll the stone away, commanded to believe God, to trust Him that He is well-able to deliver us from all bondage, including resurrecting a valley full of dry bones.

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