Heavenly Ways of Life

Heavenly Ways of Life

God Blessings, Curses and Divine Marriage

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-10-21 )

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This book talks in details about the fundamental principles of God through which a man can be blessed and the barriers that stop man to partake the blessings of God. However, many families are facing divorce issues today because they don’t understand or have no knowledge about God’s principle related to marriage. People have a different view when it comes to couple relationship and this depends on the culture of every nation, but the principles of God related to marriage is universal. God promises for marriage works out when a couple takes the step and honour God for their journey of marriage. When God is involved in your marriage, he made husband and wife play their role and takes charge of the wellness of the family. People are looking for peace and joy in their couple relationship and they could not find it, but the bible says in his presence there is the fullness of joy. You and your partner may be deeply in love but divorce because God is not involved in this relationship so make God be your friend.

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Kokou Missogbe Thomas R. Akogbe

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Religion / Theology