Greatness Demystified

Greatness Demystified

Unfolding the greatness within

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-09-06 )

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Success is not a product of accident. This is why an inspirational speaker defined success as, “The progressive realization of worthwhile predetermined goals”. So, it is not the function of fate. With the potentials The Creator bestowed on mankind, it will be unfair to Him to think that fate is responsible for the mediocrity of majority of people. Have you ever thought that a successful God cannot create a failure in His own image? Success is dependent on a series of daily actions, inactions, decisions, unlearning of wrong notions, learning and application of principles. People who are mediocre became so as a result of a series of cumulative failures resulting from ignorance or negligence of success principles or their applications. The most dangerous aspect is that success begets more success and failure begets more failure. Confirming the capitalist economy of the rich become richer and the poor become poorer: the pitfalls that readers will learn how to avoid in this book. Most importantly, greatness principles are explored. The discovery, utilizing, refining, productizing and marketing of talents are also explored in details.

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Alex Adekoya

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