The Bad Legacy of Catholic Presidents

The Bad Legacy of Catholic Presidents

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-08-09 )

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The bulk of the material in this book, an analysis of the subject at hand, sometimes verbatim, is essentially already out there in the public domain vis-a-vis voluminous excerpts from Loraine Boettner's 1962 book, "Roman Catholicism". The author suggests that the fruit we see on the political landscape has deep theological roots. He is not the first to make the connection, if we read the story of the kings in the Bible. What politicians are taught and believe, as is true of all of us, will determine their thinking and choices and behavior. The reader may not agree with everything the author says, but he asks that the reader looks at the facts dispassionately and then afterwards decide whether he has made a convincing case. If the author has made his case validly in connecting theological foundations and the character of leaders, then we ignore the facts at our peril if we refuse to rock the boat from time to time. If, what the author reports is authentic, and journalistically accurate, then we must not shoot the messenger even if we do not like his message.

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