Wisdom, Identity

Wisdom, Identity

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-07-15 )

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The gateway for human beings to understand their purpose in this world is the knowledge of God. In understanding God we understand our being, our purpose and our destiny. So it has been said. So it has been argued, but what is the principal truth? King Solomon counsels us to secure for ourselves wisdom because it is supreme. Do you have this strong desire to know God? Are you tired of rumours and misconceptions about JESUS CHRIST? Then you're hold the only book in the entire world other than the scriptures which tells it all. The DEITY of JESUS CHRIST has been a subject unfairly treated. An abstruse concern in the history of Christianity has been the question of His humanity and His Divinity. It is knowing Christ that every human being understand his/her purpose in this world and therefore his/her destiny. The book reveals everything in the minutest detail. I can boldly, dear holder of this book, dare you to read through; I guarantee it is sweetest journey your have ever taken as one truth after another strike you like a bombshell, if you find it of no help, burn it.

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