Israel Against Ai

Israel Against Ai

A guide to save a believer

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-06-06 )

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Most believers find it difficult to win their battles against their enemies, which God said nobody can stand against them and defeat them all the days of their lives, making them undefeatable. Therefore, the book Israel Against Ai, will try to let believers know that because they have touched an accursed things, that is why they cannot stand against their enemies. God cannot be with his children anymore who have touched an accursed things, be it fornication, robbery, stealing, etc and as such it the same accursed things that the Israelites touched that made them find it difficult to win the battle against Ai. Just imagine returning as a victor against giants and your next battle is against dwarfs, you will jump into conclusion and say that, this is an easy battle, but the Israelites did not know that God was longer with them, until they destroyed the accursed things in their midst, before they were able to defeat Ai. This book is a must to be read, by believers who are into warfare and also believers in general who claim to be soldiers for Christ and intend to make heaven. I will encourage believers to get copies for their friends and love ones to help them not perish shalom.

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Joseph Yeenu

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