An Eating Mouth Destroys Destiny

An Eating Mouth Destroys Destiny

Speak into your life to accelerate your miracles!

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-06-06 )

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"For it is a good thing that the heart be established by grace, and not with food which have not profited those who have occupied by them "Hebrews 13:9 KJV. The most incredible gift God has given to man is ability to speak and to see it manifest in his life. There is no area in our personality more directly related to our total well-being than our mouth. It was given to us as a gift from God not just for eating, but to chat the course of our lives. A close mouth is a close destiny, because nothing happens until you speak. Your life is a result of your words, and it will automatically goes according to the direction of your mouth. But confession is a not formula or strategy of getting God to do something for you, it is speaking into your life the revelation you have received from God's word. This book unveils to you new depths of mysteries of confessing God's word to turn things to your favor. it doesn't matter the situation you are in now, things can go right. If you have a mouth you have a choice. It is a must read book for every believer who wants to see the power of God manifesting in any area of his/her life and as such get copies for your friends and love ones.

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Blessed Prince Agyapong

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