The making of a leader

The making of a leader

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-10-14 )

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In our societies today, where there is no effective and efficient leadership, lawlessness, confusion and anarchy become the order of the day; effective and efficient leadership, vibrant in every ramification is the basis for tranquility and purposeful living. I wholeheartedly believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. You will learn in this book that, the first step to leadership is submission, when you cannot submit; it is very difficult for you to lead. When you are able to submit, you will develop sensitivity and when you are sensitive, you will have audacity to lead. There are no born leaders, but every great and vibrant leader is made. You might be born with traces of greatness and abilities for leadership, ultimately; you must learn to master the art of leadership. It is easy, it is cheap, just flip through every page of this book, read and read it again and again, it will make a lot of sense and when you are through, and you will be made!

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Victor Bayai Churchill

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