Uganda in the Bible

Uganda in the Bible

God's plan for Uganda

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-06-05 )

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Uganda in the Bible Every manufacturer defines their products, their purpose and also gives a name for what they make. God is the author of life and this universe we are now a part of, he is the one who is able to define us best, who we are and can be, even before we were in our mothers’ wombs he knew us, not even circumstances, location or status can define us. Uganda is such a unique country, in the ancient time it supported the flowering of Egyptian civilization, in the time of Joseph and pharaoh, it secured that generation by supplying rich soils and water to allow farming, in the time of descendants of Jacob in Africa, it sustained them until they became a nation of Israel, even while Jesus was in Africa it sustained him, in this end time God has placed in it a spiritual basket to feed the world like it fed the generation of Joseph on physical food, but it will take a prepared people to tap into this covenant responsibility to this universe. Until you have discovered your worth it may be hard for you to find your place in this universe. The true hope of Uganda is in discovering her covenant responsibility to God, the universe and walk in it.

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Emmanuel Lumonya

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Religious manuscripts, Prayers, Hymnbook, religious Meditations