Utterance of the Spirit

Utterance of the Spirit

62 Deeper Revelations why you should pray in the Holy Ghost

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-06-11 )

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In cognizance of the supernatural power of God, Myles Munroe once said "when the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse becomes inevitable." In view of this divine truth, it is of paramount significance to unveil the fact that we live in a generation that tends to trivialize the Power of praying in tongues. It has been commonised, thus losing its value. If we don't grasp the revelation behind praying in other tongues we will accomplish less with it. It's now time to let the world know that our speaking in tongues is not babbling! It has nothing to do with either being charismatic or being caught up in some kind of Holy Ghost jamboree. This book Utterance of the Spirit is loaded with 62 deeper revelations pertaining to why you should pray in the Holy Ghost! Your prayer life is about to speedy up! Get set for a total revolution and quantum leap in your life, ministry, business, family, finances, marriage, career and every facet of your life!

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Peter Echero

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