31 Benefits Of Having a Man or Woman of God In Your Life

31 Benefits Of Having a Man or Woman of God In Your Life

A guide to the believer

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-05-13 )

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"Take heed to yourself that you will not forget the Levites (Ministers of God) as long as you live on earth." Deuteronomy 12:19. Why do we need a prophet or a man of God today? Don't we have the scriptures which contain the whole counsel of God? If God's people have the Holy Spirit and can hear his voice then why do we need a man of God in our lives? This is and many questions would be answered as you go through the pages of this insightful book. You will learn why God said we should not forget them as long as we live on earth.If you have a man of God, you have grace in the sight of God. Why God cannot do anything unless He reveals to His servant the prophet. Why did God put your prosperity in their mouth and many more. No person will ever be so spiritual, holy,good, faithful or prayerful enough who will not need a man of God in his/her life. They cannot be replaced, not even by the Holy Spirit or an angel. It is a must read book for every believer who want to see God's blessing his/her life.

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