What does it take? Successful Marriage

What does it take? Successful Marriage

...Insight To The Secrets of Successful Marriage

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2019-02-28 )

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Marriage is the oldest institution created by God for fulfilling of the destiny of mankind. However, this sacred institution is gradually being eroded as successful marriage is slowly becoming "an old-fashion" (as perceived by some) that so many youths of today no longer cherish. Most marriages are characterized with diverse challenges such that the first thing that crosses the minds of most young people is to walk out of their relationship in the face of slight challenge. Is successful marriage real? To some, it is a myth. Without any controversy, successful marriage is certainly real. How do you experience this reality? What does it take therefore is an expository insight into the journey to marital destiny and the destination of the journey is heaven on earth order enviable home and marriage devoid of rancours, acrimony, malice and bitterness. That marriage is not consummated to make you miserable; it is for your good and not for your hurt. In this book, you will learn the secrets and what it takes to gain unlimited access to unhindered success and unending adventure of happy home.

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Toye Eniola

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