Understanding The Bible

Understanding The Bible

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2018-12-12 )

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Most people have problem understanding the bible and as such, the book "Understanding the bible" will enlighten you to understand the bible through the help of the holy spirit. Moreover, it will let you know why things are so in this world and the reason why there is misunderstanding of the bible by a lot of people, who then jump into conclusion that the bible is just an ordinary book, written by men and as such, "Understanding the bible" will refute the argument that the bible was not written by men, but it was written through God's divine inspiration and therefore, the bible should not be read just like any other book or taken to be a mere book, but should be accepted that it was inspired by God and was written by holy men, who were moved by the holy spirit to write whatever they were told to write. Lastly, it is meant to minister the believers and non believers who have some doubts about certain issues in the bible and as such, I will encourage everyone to get a copy and also get a copy for friends and love ones who are perishing.

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Religion / Theology