Petals of Hope, a Book of Supernatural Miracles

Petals of Hope, a Book of Supernatural Miracles

Walking in Victory

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2013-10-03 )

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Petals of Hope was written to inspire, to bring back hope into the lives of those who have lost their faith and are willing to come back into the Light of the Lord. This book is one of true miracles that were experienced in our times. By reading it you will learn that Our God is a Living God who is here to guide us, to help us, to change our lives for the better when we trust Him to lead us in this life. Life is not easy and I know that this book will show you that although one experiences tests and trials we can overcome through seeking God and Jesus Christ. My husband's favourite words are "We walk from Victory" and indeed we do, Jesus saved us from eternal death. I pray that the words of this book come alive in your lives and that you will be inspired, empowered and celebrate the rest of your lives in Godly blessings. Be obedient to the word of God.

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Jenita Maharaj

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