Focusing on Blind Spots

Focusing on Blind Spots

14 Things That Distract Heaven-bound Pilgrims

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2017-08-17 )

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People's Opinion About The Book" Focusing on Blind Spots Chapter one of this book helped me to overcome million thoughts and questions in my mind when I was faced with heartbreak, due to the nature of the death of my younger one. It consoled me and through it I got comfort. Truly, everyone needs to have this book, because as the name implies...“focusing on the blind spot” with the aspect often ignored by many writers. This book will be my birthday gift to close friends that love reading. – Mr. Nicholas Ajoboh (Deputy Head Teacher, FINAPS, Primary Wing) When one of my sons, MacPherson Owugah died only a month to his 31st Birthday after a 32-month battle with kidney failure, I could’t admit that my eyes would never behold him anymore in my lifetime. I felt overwhelmed by the incident and gave so much time to sorrow and anguish of spirit, until six months later when a friend, Dr. Stephen Olali called me on phone one day to say that he had one of his Christian brothers, Faithfulness Osagie for me to edit a book which the brother had written. I was soon to realise that the responsibility came as God’s perfect plan to ease my mind from the loss of my son. - Mr. Friday Owugah

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