In Defence

In Defence

Imagination, Psychic or Spiritual? A biblical approach to the whole subject of weird goings on.

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2017-04-21 )

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What do you do if you find yourself in the middle of some ghostly goings on? Do you run away? Pretend it isn't happening? Say to yourself that you don't believe in all this kind of thing and it cannot hurt you? Or take it seriously!? Could the strange phenomena be from a physical source or possibly just your imagination? Could it be natural but unusual, psychic or is it something much more sinister and dangerous? Surely in this day and age superstition is all it is and that belongs in the past. Just as with a physical ill diagnosis is crucial if a remedy is going to work, so a correct diagnosis is required if a spiritual upset or problem is to be sorted out and a psychic storm calmed. Christians have been confronted with such things since the time of Christ and there is a wisdom and understanding in the Scriptures. This is a resource that should not be spurned but could be a life saver. The book 'In Defence' helps the reader to search the Scriptures and access this knowledge, giving understanding, hope and a positive way forwards in any eerie situation.

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Religion / Theology